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To return the sculptures that guarded Cervante's work: Dalí as Don Quijote and Diego Rivera as Sancho Panza.

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The Quijote Fountain is the most precious of all of these. Your donation will help to restore this important space and will enrich the lives forest goers for years to come.
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Chapultepec Forest

The oldest in Latinamerica, it has twice the size of Central Park and is Mexico City’s lung, welcoming everyone.

Going through the forest

You can see every walk of life: there are people fencing in the woods, lovers hanging out on forest benches, families picnicking, kids playing football, or enjoying the cultural events, you name it.

The Quijote Fountain

It is an enchanting space, composed of tiled benches that surround a central fountain. On either side of the fountain were bronze statues in the likeness of Salvador Dali as Don Quijote and Diego Rivera as Sancho Panza.

The tiles that tell us a story

Each tile is a hand painted vignette that narrates passages from the book Don Quijote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. A different way to know the adventures of the gentleman.

Historical treasure

The Fountain was built around 1920 and was a loved place where people went to read, or just to have a relaxing time inside the nature.

The restoration project

Sadly, The fountain was vandalized in 2015 and the space was closed to the public. We are working with the group Pro Bosque Chapultepec to rescue this jewel.



We are working in partnership with Pro Bosque Chapultepec, who are dedicated to preserve the Forest, its artistic, cultural and environmental significance.


The funds will be donated directly to Pro Bosque Chapultepec who operate with full public transparency and will be used to reconstruct the fountain and the surrounding area of the forest.


We invite you to read more about this amazing group and the work they have done in Mexico City.

Other ways to support

Thanks to people like you every day we're closer to recover this space in the middle of the Chapultepec Forest

Bank Transfer

For donations through bank transfer:
Name of the account: Banco Inbursa, S.A. División Fiduciaria Donatarias
Account number: 50000689257
CLABE Account: 036180500006892570

Remember to send the deposit receipt to the email:

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Bosque Chapultepec

First section Bosque Chapultepec
Mexico city

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